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We Support Bipartisan Immigration Reform in 2021.

We can create a modern, humane, and effective immigration system that upholds the best of America’s promise: to be a nation where people can come from around the world to work, contribute, and build a better life for themselves, their families, and our society as a whole. As we recover from COVID-19, the essential contributions of immigrants here today, and those to come tomorrow, will be critical to the health and well-being of American workers and their families. Our nation’s immigration laws are decades overdue for an overhaul. To get this done, it will require the new administration and Congress to work together in a bipartisan manner. We stand ready to work together with you on this urgent, national imperative.

AmericanHort Expands Its Advocacy Reach

AmericanHort Expands its Advocacy Reach New Staff Resources to Deepen Focus on Advocacy Efforts AmericanHort continues to deepen investment in resources and capabilities to address