AmericanHort human Resource Peer Sharing Group

The AmericanHort Mission is to unite, promote, and advance our industry through advocacy, collaboration, connectivity, education, market development, and research

The purpose of the AmericanHort Human Resource Peer Sharing Group is to bring human resource professionals from AmericanHort member companies together to connect. This is a place to share ideas and best practices, ask questions and network in order to help do your job better, which leads to a stronger industry overall.

Our Peer Sharing Group

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AmericanHort works hard to unite the entire green industry into a single robust community, one in which we teach and learn from one another and collectively rise to a higher level.

This group is aimed to help meet the needs of human resource professionals in the green industry (greenhouse and nursery growers and wholesalers, landscapers, interior plantscapers, garden retail centers and their direct manufacturer suppliers of these businesses) and are members of AmericanHort. The group will meet virtually by conference call on a monthly basis, and in person meetings may occur throughout the year as group members desire, particularly when a group of participants are at the same industry event. (i.e. Cultivate). Topics of discussion for the calls are determined by group members based on what it is you need and want to learn about and who you know who is willing to share expertise.

We strive to create a helpful, inspiring, supportive community, so we ask all participants to review and abide by the following principles and practices.

Guiding Principles


This peer sharing group is all about sharing with and learning from people who hold human resource responsibilities in their organization. One joins this group because of a shared desire to overcome HR challenges in order to attract and retain the talent you need to make your organization thrive.


This group started because of the collaborative spirit of a few and the desire to grow the number of people with whom to collaborate. Collaboration and participation will be key to helping build a meaningful experience for all group members. 

Sharing & Support

Through sharing we can learn from each other’s experiences and knowledge and generate new ideas. This group can provide support to one another when faced with tough challenges. Knowing someone else has faced the same challenge and found a way to overcome is invaluable. We encourage sharing and asking questions. To facilitate sharing between scheduled conference calls, a group discussion board is available to group members through the AmericanHort membership website. 


Conversations, whether conducted in person, on the phone, or digitally are “off the record”. All group members are expected to keep information appropriately confidential. Group members will be asked to adhere to the AmericanHort Anti-trust statement. We want you to share what you learn from being part of this group with your colleagues and non-HR peers.

When you share, we ask that you:

  1. Summarize: write up or share learnings in your own words rather than cut and paste from call notes or other documents
  2. Anonymize: for example, say “an HR leader from a mid-sized greenhouse grower said…”
  3. Attribute: attribute learning back to the AmericanHort HR Peer Sharing Group.

Guiding Practices​

The following practices help guide interaction within the group and ensure this is a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

  • Complete your AmericanHort membership profile – share a bit about yourself and make sure everyone knows how to contact you if they want to reach out for a conversation, ask a question or lend a hand.
  • Participate by taking 10-15 minutes a week to check the group’s online discussion thread to help keep the group engaged and interested and to help group members get to know each other. It makes picking up the phone or sending an email to someone about a specific need or question even easier.
  • Keep conversation and tone positive, friendly and constructive.
  • Keep in mind everyone’s situation is unique and some advice that is shared may not work for everyone. We encourage you to apply good judgement just like you would any information you come across.
  • The group is open to human resource professionals from greenhouse and nursery growers, wholesalers, landscapers, interior plantscapers, garden retail centers and their direct manufacturer suppliers of these businesses only and is not a place for vendors to sell products or services.
  • All group members are responsible for their actions. If you are concerned about the actions or behavior of another group member, please report it to AmericanHort for review so it can be handled appropriately.

How Do I Join?​


To join this group, you must be an active member in good status with AmericanHort and hold human resource responsibilities within your organization.


If you meet the above requirements, please contact Mary Beth Cowardin, AmericanHort VP Marketing & Member Engagement at 614-487-1117, or at

AmericanHort will contact you to conduct a “welcome to the peer sharing group” conversation and will introduce you to your peers.