Hortscholar FAQ

HortScholar Frequently Asked Questions​

I want to apply, but I'm not sure because of my work or internship schedule this summer. What should I do?

Apply! Many employers (especially those in the horticulture field) view the AmericanHort Scholars Program as a very beneficial opportunity and are willing to give you time off.

Is this a scholarship?

The AmericanHort Scholars program is not a traditional scholarship where you receive money toward your tuition. But you can think of it as a scholarship worth $1,500 to attend Cultivate (the largest all-industry event in North America).

Do I get a check at the end?

Scholars do not receive monetary compensation for their participation. They do receive a free one-year AmericanHort membership, an All Access Pass to Cultivate (over $300 value), free meals ($500+), and a free place to stay ($800+).

How many students participate in the program?

Only 6 students are selected each year.

Who selects the Scholars?

AmericanHort’s Generation Next Community, which organizes young professional events and education, is the selection committee for the Scholars program.

How are the Scholars selected?

Applications are reviewed by each member of the Generation Next Community. Committee members score applications based on specific items such as involvement in student activities, horticulture-related jobs, and your passion for your career choice.

I am an international student - can I apply?

Yes, but you will be responsible for paying for your transportation to and from Columbus, Ohio.

Do I need to send my transcripts?

No, official transcripts are not required. You will need to submit a resume and two letters of recommendation. Your resume should include work experience, club and extra-curricular involvements, volunteer experience, and any awards or recognitions you have received. 

How long is it?

Cultivate’24 will be held July 13-16, 2024 in Columbus, Ohio. HortScholars will be arrive onsite early for set-up and participate during the event July 9-16.

I have additional questions. Who do I contact?

Michael Marting
at MichaelM@AmericanHort.org or (202)789-8110.