AmericanHort Horticultural Programs

We specialize in connecting you to the mentors, leaders and knowledgeable resources you need—when you need them—so that you can perform better day in and day out, grow faster than you ever dreamed possible, and prepare both yourself and your business for the future. AmericanHort’s Horticultural Programs are designed to help you make these connections.
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Women In Horticulture

AmericanHort is pleased to present an educational and inspirational interview series with accomplished women from the green industry. Hear their stories of accomplishment, challenges overcome as they’ve navigated their career that will provide you inspiration and encouragement.

Hortscholar Program

A program that sets students in horticulture on a path to success by exposing them to the breadth of the horticulture industry, its opportunities, and its leaders. The program offers you a beyond-the-classroom experience, giving you insight and awareness of the industry, its supply chain, and where you might find a home for your passion. The focus of the program is on professional development including attending education sessions, networking, and working with industry mentors.

Horticultural Sustainability

A strategic alliance between AmericanHort and Netherlands-based sustainability certification expert MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) to aid US horticulture businesses improve sustainability best practices and better protect the environment.