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Not only is Premium Membership our best value and the level that offers the most for your money, but it also ensures that as soon as we learn something important or offer a new benefit or service, you will have priority access. Your Premium Membership provides you with the collaboration, advocacy, connectivity, research findings, knowledge, and leadership we are known for, as well as the high-level consulting services and webinars you need to remove obstacles and achieve your greatest goals.

Take a look at everything Premium Membership offers:

Bolded items are exclusive Premium member benefits. 


  • Washington, D.C.-based team advocates directly within government on industry issues
  • Impact Washington, monthly e-newsletter & biennial legislative fly-in
  • Capitol Wire, a weekly communication with political and business insights from the front line
  • Quarterly advocacy update webinars presented by our Washington, D.C.-based team
  • Access to expert legal advice related to workforce issues from AmericanHort partner JPH Law
  • Access to accounting and consulting advice from AmericanHort partner Pinion
  • MemberVoice, a tool to connect with your elected officials
  • Webinars & briefings on tax, labor, transportation, and other issues from industry experts


  • Workforce development
  • Workshops & training
  • 24/7 access to the online Hort Knowledge Center
  • Certification for pesticide application and landscape
  • Access to sustainability through MPS (More Profitable Sustainability)

Industry Intelligence

  • Industry Insider Reports
  • Enhancing Industry Profit Margins
  • Improvement through Sustainable Practices
  • Consumer Trends
  • Expert recommendation to help improve your business’ bottom line
  • Access to green industry business valuation experts to assist in valuing your business for financing, planning, expansion needs and more


  • Connect monthly digital e-news and printed issues
  • Impact Washington, bi-weekly e-newsletter
  • Capitol Wire, a weekly communication with political and business insights from the front line
  • Special company designation in the AmericanHort Resource Directory

Business Services

Consulting and legal access with renowned firms, CJ Lake & Pinion for issues like:

    • Employment Law
    • Immigration
    • Tax Reform
    • Safety
    • Agricultural & Horticultural Law
    • Membership list rental set-up fee waived
  • Access to Business Savings & Affinity programs
    • Credit card processing services
    • Worker’s comp (Ohio only)
    • Energy & shipping services
    • Office supplies & software


  • Event registration discounts for all employees
  • Substantial discounts on exhibit space
  • Preferred housing selection at Cultivate

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If you are new to AmericanHort and still are not sure if Premium Membership is right for you, we also offer additional membership levels with fewer benefits. Whichever level you choose, you can upgrade to Premium Membership at any time.

We are continuously strengthening our existing connections and establishing new ones so that we can answer the questions you have and make you aware of the questions you did not even know you needed to ask. We look forward to connecting with you; become a member, today.