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AmericanHort’s Industry Insider Reports, whether provided by video or written communication, is a tool designed to provide the important industry benchmarking information you need to maximize your business’s profitability. We are proud to align with industry experts like Dr. Charlie Hall and consultant, Steve Bailey, to bring you valuable insights to help your operation your business better. Stay tuned for future Industry Insider Reports as they become available.

Industry Insider Report: An Update to the Index of Prices Paid by Growers and the Green Industry
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - Perspective on Profit Margins

In this Industry Insider Report, Dr. Charlie Hall, AmericanHort Chief Economist, talks about profit margins and the potential for margin compression in the green industry. Since 2008, the horticulture industry has seen a steady increase in input costs. In the video, Dr. Hall reviews the recently updated Index of Prices Paid by Growers in detail and discusses what this could mean for growers in 2020.

Industry Insider Report: 2019 Perspective on Profit Margin
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - 2019 perspective on profit margins
Dr.Charlie Hall, AmericanHort Chief Economist, has updated his 2018 Industry Insider Report: A Perspective on Profit Margin by providing two videos. The first updates the Index of Prices Paid by Growers in the Green Industry with 2018 cost input data. In this video Dr. Hall reviews the index data since 2007 and compares the 2018 data with the previous year to reveal changes in industry costs.

In the second video Dr. Hall talks about the major production inputs and what has transpired in the past year, as well as an outlook in the coming year for cost factors around Labor, Energy, Fertilizer and Transportation.

Industry Insider Report: Charlie’s Angle: Recession Outlook
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - Recession Outlook
In this segment, Dr. Charlie Hall, AmericanHort Chief Economist, talks about the recent yield curve inversion. While several folks are talking doom and gloom, Charlie talks about why we shouldn’t over-react to this news and what indicators he is following that back up this reasoning.
Industry Insider Report: Charlie’s Angle: Pay By Scan Pricing
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - Charlie's Angle - pay by scanning pricing
In this special segment, Dr. Charlie Hall, AmericanHort Chief Economist, is specifically targeting growers who sell to box stores and particularly those selling in a pay-by-scan scenario, cautioning them to not make the same mistakes that growers made a decade ago when Home Depot initiated pay-by-scan in their lawn and garden department. By making sure all costs associated with shrink and merchandising costs are considered, a more realistic (and profitable) PBS invoice price can be achieved.
Industry Insider Report: Garden Retail Profitability
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - Garden retail profitability
In this four-part video series, Steve Bailey of Steve Bailey Consulting, an expert on using financial data to better manage retail business practices shares his expertise in managing financial data to help you better manage your business performance. The video topics include a review of the income statement, or P&L, pricing, inventory management, and GMROI – Gross Margin Return on Investment. Steve shares definitions of key financial measures, benchmarking metrics, and provide tips for managing the financial health of your organization. This series concludes with an online discussion moderated by Steve Bailey with Cameron Rees of Skinner Garden Store in Topeka, KS, Dennis Fix, FarWest Landscape & Garden Center in Boise, ID and Derek Ellis, Ellis Home & Garden in Shreveport, LA. Listen to these garden retail center owners discuss how using these financial metrics have helped them in their business.

While focused on Garden Retail Center, the information in these videos is beneficial to any green industry business.

Industry Insider Report: A Perspective on Profit Margins
AmericanHort Industry insider report logo - A perspective on profit margins

Economic industry expert, Dr. Charlie Hall, partnered with AmericanHort to launch the first Industry Insider video series to provide information on Dr. Hall’s Index on Prices paid by Grower in the Green Industry, which provides information on the key production cost inputs that are having the greatest impact on profit margin. The first video explains Dr. Hall’s index methodology. The subsequent videos discuss cost inputs such as Labor, Energy and Fertilizer costs, and Logistics and

Distribution costs. The videos series ends with an online video discussion moderated by Dr. Hall of industry peers and how they have effectively managed costs to improve profits.