Disease, Insect &
Growth Regulators Conference

Take Your Integrated Pest Management
& PGR strategies to the next level.

Experience in-depth education on Disease, Insect, and Growth regulator management and learn the latest strategies and best practices in pest control, plant health, and PGRs. You’ll walk away with actionable solutions for the challenges you are facing in your operation.

Disease, Insect, & Growth Regulators Education

The DIG Conference boasts four comprehensive tracks of on-demand and live education geared towards taking your skills to the next level. With tactical topics in the world of disease, pest management and biocontrols, growth regulators, new technologies, sanitation, IPM strategies, and more, you’ll walk away with the latest strategies and best practices to help your greenhouse perform better.

NEW! Hemp Pests & Diseases

With the limited number of tools in the hemp grower’s toolbox, planning and executing an effective management strategy for your hemp crop can be a challenge. In the Hemp Education Track, join fellow growers and leading researchers in the discovery of effective methods for managing the health of your hemp crop.

Insect & Mites Pests

Take your defense to offense with the Insect & Mite Pests Education Track. These sessions will cover a range of topics from insecticide rotation to new pests to be on the lookout for.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

Plant Growth Regulators can be one of the strongest, and most difficult to manage, tools in a grower’s toolbox. The PGR Education Track will help growers determine how to effectively use PGRs in their greenhouse through the exploration of the latest research and methods from industry experts.


Diseases can have a huge impact on a grower’s bottom line, especially in ornamentals. From mildews to root rot, the Diseases Education Track will cover strategies for disease control through cultural, chemical, and biological management.

Peer-To-Peer Activities & Networking

Connect with other industry professionals and engage in peer-to-peer activities during the Coffee Chats, DIG Deeper Panel Discussions, and Industry Interaction Roundtables. Let us help us connect you to industry peers and find new ideas and solutions for grower challenges.

What people are saying about DIG

The disease talks were phenomenal

Suzanne Wainwright-Evans
Buglady Consulting

It will help me tweak what we are already doing.

Matt Foertmeyer
Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouses, OH