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Plug & Cutting Conference

Start seeding smarter solutions for better performance.

The road to better performance starts at AmericanHort’s Plug & Cutting Conference. As the event for young plant producers and growers from across the country, this conference is the place to learn the newest and best strategies, technologies, and techniques in the world of plugs and cuttings.

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Professional Development + Production Tour + In-Depth Workshop

Plug and Cutting is a unique educational experience that focuses on best practices in young plant production that highlights cutting edge research, a hands-on workshop, and a tour that immerses attendees into the world of cutting-edge technology and growing practices. The AmericanHort Plug & Cutting conference has been recognized as the leading educational opportunity for advancing and experience growers. You will not want to miss it!
Plug & Cutting Conference

The Plug & Cutting Conference has been recognized for years as the leading educational opportunity for advancing and experienced growers. With extremely relevant, in-depth education on a variety of topics relating to plug and cutting production, growers are sure to come away with a fresh arsenal of best practices and ideas to keep your facilities running both smoothly and profitably.

There are four key tracks during the conference:

Plug & Cutting Principles

Learn how to improve your rooting success with annual and perennial cuttings with a better understanding of the ins and outs and common mistakes during rooting stages 0-4; from cutting arrival, storage, and handling to rooting, callusing, and toning.

Problem Management

Focusing on diseases known to have been introduced on seed in the past so that you can be alert to them while you are producing bedding plants. Anticipation and prompt recognition are some of your best defenses against these otherwise surprise invaders.

Technician Track

Learn how to select the correct fertilizer and dosage for propagation along with an overview of nutrient level monitoring in containers for prevention and correction of nutrient disorders. Also learn about water quality monitoring and management, from both technical and financial consideration standpoints.

Production Input

Do you like solving puzzles? Join this session to try your hand at solving some nutrient management case studies taken from Solreal-world experiences. It’s a great opportunity to test your understanding of how to use water quality reports, press extraction results, and crop tissue analyses to diagnose nutritional disorders.

Pesticide Recertification Credits at Plug & Cutting The Conference

Several states have approved most, if not all, sessions as eligible for pesticide recertification credits. This is a continuous process, and we hope to continue adding states to this list. Please check back often to see if your state has approved any sessions for credits.