Discovering Your Brand Identity

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Discovering Your Brand Identity

November 5 @ 01:00 PM (EDT) to 02:30 PM (EDT)

Understanding who you are, the values that guide you, and the passions that fuel and inspire your career choices are the heart and soul of your personal brand. But so often in our hectic working life, it feels impossible to take the time to do this deep work.

So, this class is all about you: we’ll dive into a series of exercises designed to uncover the internal forces that motivate you and illuminate your current standing and reputation within your organization and the industry at large. Think of it as a 360-degree view of YOU!

Learn how to:

  • Uncover your guiding values
  • Establish your personal voice and style
  • Find honest feedback – and grow from it

The first class provides the critical groundwork that will allow us to shape and adapt our brand in the second session.

Becky Paxton is leading class one.

Branding isn’t just for businesses: we each have a personal brand that takes root on our first day in the workplace and grows throughout our careers. But great personal brands don’t happen by accident. Just like famous companies whose names you remember and whose value you trust, your personal brand takes planning, reflection, and strategic deployment.

Led by dynamic public relations professionals, this branding Mastery Series is a hands-on workshop to elevate your personal brand to the next level. Each session provides exercises to assess your reputation, target the values that guide you, and leverage the skills that set you apart in the green industry. We’ll bring it all together by launching your brand using the same principles and techniques that global brands use to successfully debut their new brand to the public. Get ready for the world to meet the new you!

Each class is $99 for AmericanHort members and $199 for non-members. Not a member? Join now.

Our Speakers

Becky Paxton
Account Executive, Garden Media Group

Becky is an account executive at Garden Media Group. She began her career in public gardens, where she raised public awareness, attendance, and philanthropic support for acclaimed U.S. gardens. A skilled content creator with over a decade of external affairs, design and writing experience, Becky brings a dual lens of creativity and financial stewardship to her work.  Her professional roles have spanned from institutional fundraising, helping to raise millions of dollars for non-profit organizations, to innovative programming that engages and inspires diverse audiences. Becky is passionate about crafting solutions that transform clients’ projects from “spark of an idea” to market-ready messages and strategies. She is a graduate of the Longwood Fellows Program and Wellesley College and holds a Certificate in Design Thinking from IDEO.

Katie Dubow
President, Garden Media Group 

Katie is president of Garden Media Group, a second-generation women-owned and run public relations firm specializing in the green industry. Author of the annual Garden Trends Report, she presents the report worldwide – from Italy to Columbus. She is also a guest host on QVC for Cottage Farms, judge at the Philadelphia Flower Show, the inaugural recipient of the Emergent Communicator Award from GardenComm, and serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association. Follow her on social media: @KatieGMG and on Facebook: KatieGardenGirl.

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