AmericanHort Landscape Roundtable: Navigating the H-2B Labor Program

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AmericanHort Landscape Roundtable: Navigating the H-2B Labor Program

August 6 @ 02:30 PM (EDT) to 03:30 PM (EDT)

Join the AmericanHort Landscape Connectors for an insightful and informative roundtable, designed to equip business owners and managers with essential knowledge about the H-2B labor program. This roundtable will feature industry experts who will share comprehensive overviews and firsthand experiences to help you navigate the complexities of the H-2B program.

In the first part of our roundtable, Laurie Flanagan will provide a thorough overview, covering:

  • The basics of the H-2B program and its importance for the horticultural industry
  • Current regulatory and legislative challenges that employers must manage
  • AmericanHort advocacy

During the second part of the program, Arnulfo Hinojosa will share his direct knowledge and experience with the H-2B program, including:

  • Step-by-step guidance on how to get started with the H-2B application process.
  • Key requirements and regulations to be aware of
  • Tips and best practices for a successful application
  • Resources and support available for businesses looking to utilize the H-2B program
  • The benefits and challenges of using the H-2B program in a horticultural business
  • Practical insights and lessons learned from years of working with employers and H-2B workers
  • Strategies for integrating H-2B labor into your workforce effectively
  • Success stories and examples of how the H-2B program has positively impacted business operations

Why Attend?

  • Gain a clear understanding of the H-2B labor program and its relevance to your business.
  • Learn how to navigate the application process.
  • Hear firsthand experiences and practical advice from fellow horticultural business owners.
  • Connect with industry peers and experts to expand your network and resources.

Who Should Attend?

Horticultural business owners and managers
HR professionals in the horticultural industry
Landscape and nursery operators
Anyone interested in leveraging the H-2B program for labor solutions

What are AmericanHort Community Connectors?

AmericanHort Community Connectors are dedicated representatives from the key green industry segments who volunteer their time, talent, and ideas to AmericanHort to guide and inform our initiatives so we can better serve your needs.

In 2024, roundtables were introduced for all members to meet with Community Connectors from industry segments for informative programs and group discussions. Click here to learn more about the connector group coordinators and liaisons from the AmericanHort staff and Board of Directors.

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Meet our Speakers

Laurie-Ann Flanagan
Executive Vice President, DC Legislative and Regulatory Services (DCLRS)

Laurie-Ann Flanagan brings over 20 years of expertise in federal legislative and regulatory processes. She specializes in issues such as energy, labor and immigration, pesticides and fertilizers, small business, and water policy. Laurie advises clients on strategic government relations, helping them navigate regulatory and legislative initiatives to ensure successful advocacy efforts.

Before joining DCLRS, Laurie worked at Stateside Associates, Inc., and served with Senator John Seymour (R-CA) and New York Assemblyman Robert Gaffney (R). She is active in Women in Government Relations (WGR) and leads a northern Virginia children’s charity, Kids Sending Smiles. Laurie holds an MBA from The George Washington University and graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from the Catholic University of America with degrees in international politics.

For more details, visit her DCLRS profile.

Arnulfo Hinojosa
Vice President, Federation of Employers and Workers of America (FEWA)

Arnulfo Hinojosa has been involved in the H-2A/H-2B temporary guest worker process since 2000. Starting his career while still in college, Arnulfo has gained extensive experience in all facets of these federal programs. He is passionate about helping both workers and employers, believing in the positive impact these programs have on their lives.

Arnulfo has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America, assisting potential workers with the paperwork and interview processes at U.S. Consulates. His hands-on experience and deep connections with workers’ communities have been incredibly rewarding and humbling. Bilingual in English and Spanish, Arnulfo uses his unique cultural insight to advocate for program improvements and compliance education for employers, aiming to solve immigration challenges one employer and one worker at a time.

For more details, visit his FEWA profile.

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