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sustainability alliance

AmericanHort aligns with international sustainability certification expert MPS


A strategic alliance between AmericanHort and Netherlands-based sustainability certification expert MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) to aid US horticulture businesses improve sustainability best practices and better protect the environment.


  • Improve the US green industry’s sustainability practices
  • Enhance green industry businesses’ profitability
  • Promote MPS Sustainability Certification Programs


  • Education: distribute the most up-to-date, industry-encompassing information on sustainability
  • Improved Business Practices: create useful decision-making tools
  • Promote MPS Sustainability Certification Programs

What our members are saying

Among 70 North American growers who have already signed up for the program, Tom Demaline, owner of Willoway Nursery in Ohio and AmericanHort board chairman, is eager to test out the value of the MPS-ABC Sustainability Certification program.

“We are continually looking for ways to be a more environmentally conscious operation, improve our business practices and our bottom line,” said Demaline. “We look forward to identifying opportunities for improvement through this MPS certification process.”

Who is MPS?

MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) develops and manages sustainability certificates for the international flowers and ornamentals industry and conducts certification through its sister organisation MPS-ECAS. The MPS-ABC certificate is recognized around the world as the international standard. While based in the Netherlands, MPS is active in 46 countries. In total, more than 3,000 growers participate in MPS-ABC around the world (4,300 production locations). In North America 70 growers are currently participating in MPS-ABC.

What is ABC Certification?

Want to contact MPS?

Contact AmericanHort for contact information either by phone: 614-487-1117, or by email at