AmericanHort Mastery Series

Visual Merchandising Mastery Series

Presented by Joe Baer, ZenGenius

This three-part series on will allow you to master the skills needed to have effective visual merchandising in your retail operations that will drive sales and your bottom line. Join us to set your vision, goals, and strategies for your merchandising. Learn technologies and implementation techniques for optimal in-store merchandising.
Joe Baer - Founder and CEO ZenGenius, Inc

Joe Baer, ZenGenius

Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ZenGenius, Inc., which provides Visual Merchandising, Special Events and Creative Direction. His career encompasses over thirty years of experience working with many of the top retailers. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for visual merchandising and amazing retail experiences leads him to motivate and energize audiences around the world. Joe engages his audiences and creates experiential learning situations. He is well known for leading the annual Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC to celebrate visual merchandising as an important aspect of retail design. Joe created ZenGenius with a vision to bring the knowledge of Visual Merchandising to the world and provide a unique type of creative support to retailers and businesses. ZenGenius is celebrating 20 years of creative genius!

Visual Merchandising Mastery Series

Advanced Visual Merchandising Programming & Strategy

This Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series kicks off Part 1 by focusing on the overall vision, goals, and purpose of in-store your merchandising experience for your customers. You will learn how to define a visual Merchandising program and strategy. We will discuss the psychology of visual merchandising, how to appeal to the human senses, and how to enhance the shopping experience. We will review how the visual merchandising program can drive sales and profits to help you meet your financial goals.

Re-Defining Your Visual Program, Strategy, & Goals

This second session of the Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series focuses on your merchandising goals and strategies. In this session you will learn how to create a visual budget, leverage visual communication tools, and talk about techniques for training and developing your existing team to be more creative in your merchandising approach. This program focuses on the business of visual merchandising and how to build a creative visual team and support structure within your existing organization.

Improving the Shopping Experience to Drive Sales

Part 3 of our Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series tackles technology, and implementation techniques to bring your floor sets, windows or displays to life. In this session we will review sources and resources to bring your creative visions to life and create outstanding customer experiences that lead to sales growth.

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