Using AI in Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a multifaceted role in your operations, and this Mastery Series teaches you how. Our speakers go in-depth on AI-powered strategies you can use across your operation, from marketing and content creation to sales and training to security and safety.

You will learn how AI can increase productivity, optimize routine processes, and improve customer experience. Each class provides you with concrete steps to implement AI tools into your business so that you can be at the forefront of technology and ready for the future.

You must register for each of the three classes in the Mastery Series to participate in all of them.
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AI in Marketing and Content Creation

Creating blog posts, marketing emails, social media posts, and other content to keep your marketing hamster wheel going is, to put it lightly, exhausting. Even if you enjoy this aspect of running a business, there’s never enough time in the day. That’s where generative AI tools can help extend your reach.

  • Helping you brainstorm new ideas
  • Expanding your current content further
  • Repackaging existing collateral for multiple platforms

AI isn’t a magic wand, though. We’ll also discuss the role human oversight plays in using AI for marketing projects and issues to be aware of when using AI so that you protect your privacy, don’t accidentally break copyright laws, and keep data secure.

The last part of the class will focus on AI features in software you probably already use and how to get more out of those tools.

Meet Our Speaker

Katie Elzer-Peters, Owner
Garden of Words, LLC

Katie Elzer-Peters is the founder and CEO of The Garden of Words, LLC, a digital marketing firm specializing in email marketing, SMS marketing, web development, and business development for green industry clients. For 15 years, she has helped green industry businesses of every size (from individuals to small, family-owned businesses and large corporations) grow and thrive in the age of technology. Katie and her team specialize in making digital marketing tools and tips accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience. Katie has a B.S. in horticulture from Purdue University and an M.S. in Public Garden Management from the University of Delaware and Longwood Gardens. She is a member of the Society of Fellows of Longwood Gardens.

Before opening her marketing firm, Elzer-Peters served as the Assistant Director at Airlie Gardens, Curator of Landscape at Fort Ticonderoga, and managed educational programs, marketing programs, and horticultural staff at public gardens around the United States. Katie is a frequent contributor to Green Profit Magazine and a frequent speaker at green industry conferences.

AI in Horticultural Sales Training

Discover how AI can optimize your sales processes, from lead generation to customer engagement. You’ll learn practical strategies and insights from real-world examples that showcase the transformative impact of AI on revenue growth.

Improve your sales training by:

  • Identifying where AI can enhance sales processes
  • Hearing real-world examples and case studies of AI-driven sales success
  • Learning to measure the impact of AI on sales performance
  • Leveraging best practices to achieve sustained sales growth

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to harness the power of AI and propel your business to new heights of sales achievement.

Meet Our Speaker

Rayne Gibson, Owner Taproots Horticulture Consulting

Like most in our industry, Rayne’s experience started young, working with the family business. The wholesale nursery business started in the heart of Louisiana in the early 2000s growing containerized product for our local businesses and customers throughout the southern United States. Starting his career at a wholesale growing operation in Louisiana, Rayne quickly rose from inventory management to sales and then to general manager. This proved to be where the hidden passion for analyzing and building businesses from the inside out was found. He became profound in the art of logistics, production, purchasing, budgeting, spray programs, and facilities, to name a few of the improvements made. Since then, Rayne has worked with businesses across the southern United States, helping them build their companies and achieve their goals.

AI for Customer Experience, Safety, and Security

Explore how AI tools, algorithms, and data analytics can be harnessed to build customer personas, enhance safety and security, and ultimately lead to more efficient operations and superior customer experiences.

Learn how AI can be used to:

  • Build customer personas using data analytics to enhance client experience
  • Monitor systems for landscape and garden centers
  • Predict maintenance and risk mitigation within your operation

You will also learn best practices for seamlessly integrating AI tools for customer service, safety, and security into your operation and how to measure their ROI.

Meet Our Speaker

Mario Cambardella, CEO & Founder ServeScape

A Landscape architect, environmental planner, and former Urban Agriculture Director for Atlanta, Mario Cambardella’s current project is, a digital marketplace platform to enable beautiful and resilient landscapes across the South. ServeScape partners with independent landscape designers, landscape contractors, and horticulture growers to supply residential and commercial clientele with access to local landscape professionals, live plants, and allied materials.

Mario was named 40 under 40 by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Georgia Trend magazine, and the University of Georgia. Mario serves on the board of the Georgia Green Industry Association and is a member of the American Planning Association and the American Society of Landscape Architects.