AmericanHort Mastery Series

Inventory Management Mastery Series

One of the largest challenges faced by growers and wholesalers in the horticulture industry is green inventory management. Especially for those plants and products with long grow times or tight distribution schedules. In AmericanHort’s Inventory Management Mastery Series, inventory expert Jason Bader, principal of The Distribution Team, will walk attendees through best practices and inventive strategies for managing this process while minimizing excess.

"I will be sure to recommend future AmericanHort webinars. There was a lot of valuable procurement information shared that will be of use to our company."

Jason Bader

Presented By Jason Bader; Principal, The Distribution Team

Jason Bader is the principal of The Distribution Team. The Distribution Team specializes in providing strategic business coaching, inventory management training and technology utilization to the wholesale distribution industry. Jason brings over 30 years of experience working in the distribution field. He has overseen various operational teams, managed small and large facilities, and served in an executive management capacity for the last 10 years of his distribution career. 

Jason is a regular speaker at distribution industry events and a featured contributor to several trade publications, such as The Wholesaler, Construction Supply, Industrial Supply, FEDA News & Views, The American Fastener Journal and Today’s Electrical Distributor. In 2019, Jason took his love for distribution to the virtual airwaves. As creator and host of the niche podcast Distribution Talk, he has the opportunity to interview some of the most fascinating people in the wholesale distribution industry. 

Inventory Management Mastery Series

Fundamentals of Inventory Accuracy

This class will cover the importance of inventory accuracy, tips for doing annual counts, why cycle counting is a superior methodology, implementing a perpetual cycle count, and applying technology to inventory management. 

Turning Buyers into Investors

Learn how to let Enterprise resource planning (ERP) do the heavy lifting, analyze performance and reporting, diagnose problems with return on investment (ROI), product movement analysis, and managing dead inventory.

Understanding Inventory Replenishment

Wrap up the series by learning when to buy triggers, how to adjust for seasonality, calculating how much to buy, buying ahead of price increases and how to utilize tiered buying opportunities.