Retaining Employees Through Development

Do you struggle to keep your best employees?  You’re not alone—employee turnover costs U.S. businesses an estimated $1 trillionevery year.  But these losses are largely preventable through employee development programs. When properly implemented, employees increase their skills, grow their value, and become more loyal to their managers and organizations.

This Mastery Series equips you with an Employee Growth Plan that delivers on key business outcomes.

During this three-part series, you:

  • Learn why growth and development is the number one factor for employees in job selection
  • Develop the business case and budget for employee growth and training
  • Receive an onboarding plan template to start employee development immediately
  • Discover the conversations to have with employees to determine developmental opportunities
  • Build a Career Development Plan for employees at all levels

Our expert speaker is Neal Glatt, the Managing Partner of, a training platform purpose-built for training green industry employees. Neal has helped thousands of green industry companies train their people through executive coaching, public speaking, workshops, and on-demand education to unlock improved profit, retention, and quality of life. Don’t miss this opportunity to level up your employee retention!

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Why Employee Development is Non-Negotiable

For many employers, career growth is a nice-to-have perk. But employees today are demanding developmental opportunities to help them realize their potential as the top factor when selecting a job. In this session, we discuss why training and development is so critical for workers, how an investment in people leads to unmatched employee retention, and the levels of training opportunities that companies must offer to succeed.

We help you identify:

– Employee Needs – What do workers value in a growth and development program at various stages of their careers? 

– Business Outcomes – What is the business case and monetary justification for investing in employee development? 

– Developmental Options – An overview and discussion of the tools and options available for developing employees. 

Creating Growth Programs that Engage

How an employee development program is implemented greatly impacts its effectiveness. Unfortunately, only about 1 in 3 employees strongly agree that their most recent learning opportunity at work was well worth their time. In this session, we discuss how development starts at onboarding, what coaching conversations to have with employees around their growth, and what meaningful development looks like for individuals.

We provide tools for:

– Onboarding for Development – An overview of what makes a great onboarding experience that supports employee growth (template provided!)

– Coaching Conversations – Review discussion guides that help foster meaningful employee growth. 

– Employee Motivation – What motivates employees and makes their development opportunities worthwhile? 

Forming a Culture of Sustainable Career Growth

Even organizations that regularly invest in employee growth initiatives fail to make development part of their culture in a sustainable way. But moving beyond annual programming and onboarding is a critical step in becoming a learning organization. In this session, we discuss how to build a career development plan for every level of the organization, how to track and measure learning effectiveness and outcomes, and how to implement a plan that scales with an organization’s needs and budget.

We help you establish:

– Career Development Plans – How can employees be developed throughout their entire careers at all organizational levels?

– Growth Measurements – What are the key metrics to track employee growth and training effectiveness?

– Investment Budgeting – What is the appropriate budget for investment in employee development?

Meet Our Expert Speaker

Neal Glatt, Managing Partner, and Co-founder

Neal Glatt, CSP, ASM is a managing partner and co-founder of In his career as a snow contractor, Neal joined Case Snow Management, Inc. as an Account Executive in 2010. The company owned a single pick-up truck and had annual revenues of less than $1 million. Leading the sales effort and serving as part of the leadership team, Neal helped the company exceed $40 million in annual sales before beginning his own coaching practice in 2017. During that time, Neal discovered the power of focusing on strengths and the ability of strong leadership to influence amazing results. His passion is to help other people also find fulfillment and success in life. He is a Certified Strengths Coach through Gallup and a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.