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Biophilic Design Mastery Series

Presented by Sonja Bochart, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing+Design

The Biophilic Design Mastery Series focuses on biophilic design which fosters the human-nature connection in the built environment. This connection is essential to support human and physical health, creativity, healing. It also enhances one’s rate of learning, productivity, and overall happiness. This engaging and informative 3-part session, from an internationally recognized biophilic designer, will provide a comprehensive overview of the history and value of biophilia, the primary design elements and patterns, as well as share numerous case studies and talk about the best practices and proven methods to successfully integrate biophilic design into your projects to achieve the beneficial human-nature connection

Sonja Bochart

Sonja Bochart, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing+Design

Sonja Bochart has an extensive background in creating spaces to support human and ecological well-being, working nationally as a designer, biophilia and sustainability consultant. She currently teaches at Arizona State University, serves on ILFI’s Biophilic Design Initiative, and is a board member for Green Plants for Green Buildings. Sonja’s design portfolio includes award-winning projects in all building sectors, and she has led transformative, experiential, regenerative design charrettes for such projects as the University of Washington’s Hans Rosling Center for Population Health Building, The Port of Seattle, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and Georgia Tech’s Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.

Biophilic Design Mastery Series

Connect: Biophilia & Biophilic Design Theory

This first session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series focuses on the human-nature connection. Participants will gain an understanding for the cultural history and benefits of biophilia as well as review the theory and associated benefits of biophilic design. Come see biophilic design in action as we look at the major building typologies and how this design can benefit those environments. Walk away with an understanding of the key biophilic design principles and more than 70 associated patterns and attributes.

Learn: Biophilic Design Science & Economics

The second session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series will review case study examples to showcase how the 6 major design elements and attributes can be expressed in project design. Participants gain an understanding of what science tells us about the value of biophilia and biophilic design through the sharing of leading research metrics related to the benefits for human health and well-being and will learn about available tools and resources for engaging in biophilic design research.

Practice: Biophilic Design Integration

The third session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series will share the leading methods for integrating biophilic design and review the for major benefits of the integrative biophilic design process. Additional case studies will be reviewed to help learn a variety of ways to overcome barriers and increase collaboration, partnership and connection with project owners, decision makers and designers to better integrate biophilic design in your projects.

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