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AmericanHort Mastery Series

AmericanHort mastery series

Ready to really dig into improving yourself and your business? AmericanHort Mastery Series are multi-part, virtual courses that build your knowledge with each class to let attendees learn mastery over specific skills and practices. From E-Commerce to Visual Merchandising, Biophilic design, and more – Mastery Series are the best way to gain in-depth knowledge from the experts.

Marketing Mastery Series

The Marketing Mastery Series is a three-part program that addresses three key pillars to any successful marketing plan – the strategy, the message, and the execution. Join us as expert marketers from the green industry share their best marketing practices in order to help you improve your business’s bottom line.

$99 per session for members or $199 per session for non-members

Marketing Mastery Series Part I: Building an Effective Message

Katie Dubow, Garden Media Group

Jan 11 2022, 2 PM – 3:30 PM, ET

In the first session of the Marketing Mastery Series, we focus on this message. Developing a clearly defined marketing message is one of the three pillars of success. When it comes to effectively reaching your consumer, you need to be able to communicate with them on as personal a level as possible. In this dynamic session, you will learn the process for crafting the perfect marketing message to help you resonate with your audience most effectively.

Marketing Mastery Series Part II: Building a Strategic Communications Plan

Ryan McEnaney, Bailey Nurseries

Jan 25 2022, 2 PM – 3:30 PM, ET

The second session of the Marketing Mastery Series in about building a strategic communication plan. Having the right message is critical, but so is having the right communication plan. Consumers are bombarded by countless information and marketing messages so reaching your audience in some ways is as challenging as ever. Learn how to craft a high-level strategic communication plan that will break through the clutter, and how to adapt when the world around us changes as it certainly has this past 12-18 months.

Marketing Mastery Series Part III: Hitting the Target to Drive Your Message

Katie Elzer-Peters, Garden of Words, LLC

Feb 8 2022, 2 PM – 3:30 PM, ET

The final part of the Marketing Mastery Series focused on reaching your target audience. Expert marketers from our industry will talk about how to best capture your target audience and drive traffic to your website and marketing message. You will see how to set up a content and editorial calendar, how to plan and email campaign and write text blocks as you put together an integrated marketing plan to drives sales and enhance your bottom line.

E-Commerce Mastery Series

Presented by Katie Elzer-Peters, The Garden of Words

Whether you’re just getting started in E-commerce or been at it for years, this three-part E-Commerce Mastery Series will help you improve your e-commerce business. These highly collaborative sessions provide the chance to think strategically about this area of your business and you’ll walk away with a marketing road map you can put in place immediately to help grow your business.

Katie Elzer-Peters
Katie Elzer-Peters is the founder and CEO of The Garden of Words, LLC, a digital marketing firm that specializes in green industry clients. For 12 years she has helped brick and mortar and e-commerces businesses of every size (from small, family-owned to large corporations) grow and thrive in the digital age. The Garden of Words takes a broad approach to marketing plan development and implementation, blending tried and true traditional marketing techniques with new and emerging solutions. Katie and her team specialize in making digital marketing tools and tips accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience.

$99 per session for members or $199 per session for non-members

Zero to E-Commerce
The first workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series is designed to help you understand the various e-commerce platforms available to small and large businesses alike. If new to this business, you will learn what questions to ask as you evaluation e-commerce programs and if you’re already doing online sales, you’ll uncover ideas to optimize your operations. You will also learn how to hire both short- and long-term associates with the skills needed to support this business. You will be given tools to help evaluate your product offering, your online operations, including space for inventory, and how to successfully staff to meet your customer demands. Participants will leave with an outline specific to their own business to start implementing operational changes immediately.

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Streamlining Your Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

The second workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series focuses on order fulfillment. While many garden centers started e-commerce and curbside pickup because of the global pandemic, this new shopping trend is here to stay. In this collaborative class, you’ll hear from independent garden center owners and wholesalers who have successfully streamlined product pickup and online order/delivery programs (without blowing the budget). You’ll also identify the key components of a successful online shopping program and have a chance to start planning for or optimizing your order fulfillment. Each participant will leave with a personalized, drafted process document that includes a list of assets, software needs, and the itemized steps to take to achieve your desired results.

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Marketing Quick Start
The final workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series focuses on how to gain a quick start to your E-Commerce business. After this workshop, participants will be ready to start marketing their ecommerce solutions with clear, compelling language and visual communications that will excite their customers about product offerings and shopping processes. Hear real-word examples and work with fellow green-industry business owners to develop your plan of attack. We’ll cover website language to close the sale, how to use social media effectively with limited time and money and review simple ways to get the most out of your email marketing efforts. Leave this session with a marketing road map and start creating simple marketing assets that can be quickly and easily updated with changes to support each season.

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Visual Merchandising Mastery Series

Presented by Joe Baer, ZenGenius


This three-part series on will allow you to master the skills needed to have effective visual merchandising in your retail operations that will drive sales and your bottom line. Join us to set your vision, goals, and strategies for your merchandising. Learn technologies and implementation techniques for optimal in-store merchandising.

$99 per session for members or $199 per session for non-members

Joe Baer - Founder and CEO ZenGenius, Inc
Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ZenGenius, Inc., which provides Visual Merchandising, Special Events and Creative Direction. His career encompasses over thirty years of experience working with many of the top retailers. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for visual merchandising and amazing retail experiences leads him to motivate and energize audiences around the world. Joe engages his audiences and creates experiential learning situations. He is well known for leading the annual Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC to celebrate visual merchandising as an important aspect of retail design. Joe created ZenGenius with a vision to bring the knowledge of Visual Merchandising to the world and provide a unique type of creative support to retailers and businesses. ZenGenius is celebrating 20 years of creative genius!
Advanced Visual Merchandising Programming & Strategy
This Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series kicks off Part 1 by focusing on the overall vision, goals, and purpose of in-store your merchandising experience for your customers. You will learn how to define a visual Merchandising program and strategy. We will discuss the psychology of visual merchandising, how to appeal to the human senses, and how to enhance the shopping experience. We will review how the visual merchandising program can drive sales and profits to help you meet your financial goals.

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Re-Defining Your Visual Program, Strategy, & Goals
This second session of the Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series focuses on your merchandising goals and strategies. In this session you will learn how to create a visual budget, leverage visual communication tools, and talk about techniques for training and developing your existing team to be more creative in your merchandising approach. This program focuses on the business of visual merchandising and how to build a creative visual team and support structure within your existing organization.

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Improving the Shopping Experience to Drive Sales
Part 3 of our Mastery of Visual Merchandising Series tackles technology, and implementation techniques to bring your floor sets, windows or displays to life. In this session we will review sources and resources to bring your creative visions to life and create outstanding customer experiences that lead to sales growth.

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Biophilic Design Mastery Series

Presented by Sonja Bochart, Sonja Bochart Wellbeing+Design

The Biophilic Design Mastery Series focuses on biophilic design which fosters the human-nature connection in the built environment. This connection is essential to support human and physical health, creativity, healing. It also enhances one’s rate of learning, productivity, and overall happiness. This engaging and informative 3-part session, from an internationally recognized biophilic designer, will provide a comprehensive overview of the history and value of biophilia, the primary design elements and patterns, as well as share numerous case studies and talk about the best practices and proven methods to successfully integrate biophilic design into your projects to achieve the beneficial human-nature connection.

Sonja Bochart
Sonja Bochart has an extensive background in creating spaces to support human and ecological well-being, working nationally as a designer, biophilia and sustainability consultant. She currently teaches at Arizona State University, serves on ILFI’s Biophilic Design Initiative, and is a board member for Green Plants for Green Buildings. Sonja’s design portfolio includes award-winning projects in all building sectors, and she has led transformative, experiential, regenerative design charrettes for such projects as the University of Washington’s Hans Rosling Center for Population Health Building, The Port of Seattle, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, and Georgia Tech’s Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design.

$99 per session for members or $199 per session for non-members

Connect: Biophilia & Biophilic Design Theory
This first session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series focuses on the human-nature connection. Participants will gain an understanding for the cultural history and benefits of biophilia as well as review the theory and associated benefits of biophilic design. Come see biophilic design in action as we look at the major building typologies and how this design can benefit those environments. Walk away with an understanding of the key biophilic design principles and more than 70 associated patterns and attributes.

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Learn: Biophilic Design Science & Economics
The second session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series will review case study examples to showcase how the 6 major design elements and attributes can be expressed in project design. Participants gain an understanding of what science tells us about the value of biophilia and biophilic design through the sharing of leading research metrics related to the benefits for human health and well-being and will learn about available tools and resources for engaging in biophilic design research.

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Practice: Biophilic Design Integration
The third session of the Biophilic Design Mastery Series will share the leading methods for integrating biophilic design and review the for major benefits of the integrative biophilic design process. Additional case studies will be reviewed to help learn a variety of ways to overcome barriers and increase collaboration, partnership and connection with project owners, decision makers and designers to better integrate biophilic design in your projects.

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