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Ready to really dig into improving yourself and your business? AmericanHort Mastery Series are multi-part, virtual courses that build your knowledge with each class to let attendees learn mastery over specific skills and practices. From E-Commerce to Visual Merchandising, Biophilic design, and more – Mastery Series are the best way to gain in-depth knowledge from the experts.


Marketing Mastery Series

The Marketing Mastery Series is a three-part program that addresses three key pillars to any successful marketing plan – the strategy, the message, and the execution. Join us as expert marketers from the green industry share their best marketing practices in order to help you improve your business’s bottom line.

$99 per session for members or $199 per session for non-members

Marketing Mastery Series Part I: Building an Effective Message

Katie Dubow, Garden Media Group

In the first session of the Marketing Mastery Series, we focus on this message. Developing a clearly defined marketing message is one of the three pillars of success. When it comes to effectively reaching your consumer, you need to be able to communicate with them on as personal a level as possible. In this dynamic session, you will learn the process for crafting the perfect marketing message to help you resonate with your audience most effectively.

Marketing Mastery Series Part II: Building a Strategic Communications Plan

Ryan McEnaney, Bailey Nurseries

The second session of the Marketing Mastery Series in about building a strategic communication plan. Having the right message is critical, but so is having the right communication plan. Consumers are bombarded by countless information and marketing messages so reaching your audience in some ways is as challenging as ever. Learn how to craft a high-level strategic communication plan that will break through the clutter, and how to adapt when the world around us changes as it certainly has this past 12-18 months.

Marketing Mastery Series Part III: Hitting the Target to Drive Your Message

Katie Elzer-Peters, Garden of Words, LLC

The final part of the Marketing Mastery Series focused on reaching your target audience. Expert marketers from our industry will talk about how to best capture your target audience and drive traffic to your website and marketing message. You will see how to set up a content and editorial calendar, how to plan and email campaign and write text blocks as you put together an integrated marketing plan to drives sales and enhance your bottom line.


AmericanHort Mastery Series E-Commerce

Whether you’re just getting started in E-commerce or been at it for years, this three-part E-Commerce Mastery Series will help you improve your e-commerce business. 



This three-part series on will allow you to master the skills needed to have effective visual merchandising in your retail operations that will drive sales and your bottom line. Join us to set your vision, goals, and strategies for your merchandising.

The Biophilic Design Mastery Series focuses on biophilic design which fosters the human-nature connection in the built environment. This connection is essential to support human and physical health, creativity, healing. It also enhances one’s rate of learning, productivity, and overall happiness.

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