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Elevate Employee Engagement and Success with Expert-Designed Certification

Invest in Your
Most Valuable Assets:

Your Employees.

With the AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification, your employees’ growth and job satisfaction is in expert hands.

What if you could...

Increase employee knowledge & skills

without creating an extensive, expensive training program

Reduce employee

by enhancing employee engagement & job satisfaction

Strengthen profits

through faster onboarding, reduced errors, & measurable performance results

Attract top employees

keep them with training for improved job skills & knowledge

A One-Stop Knowledge Shop for
Greenhouse Growers

Whether you’re looking to onboard brand-new employees quickly, upskill existing employees to enhance their horticulture knowledge, or develop your best workers to lead greenhouse operations, you’ll find a cost-effective, turn-key training opportunity with the AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification.

We trialed the certification with a group of greenhouse employees, revising and improving the courses based on their feedback, to give you the best, most comprehensive, ready-to-use certification.

AmericanHort strives to be your workforce development partner, beginning with the introduction of the AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification. Additional certification are currently in development, and we look forward to sharing them with you soon.

AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification Modules

Each module contains multiple courses, with lessons supported by expert instructors who show participants how to apply the core competencies in real-world settings.

Certification Simplified

The Greenhouse Technician Certification is unique—in the best way. The self-paced certification creates an engaged, expert-driven, on-line learning environment to meet employees’ needs. A wide range of horticulture industry experts show the “how” and “why” of the knowledge needed for employees to master skills and boost their expertise—and performance. Through videos, pre- and post-test assessments, skill demonstration worksheets, and employer feedback, employees learn the skills needed to be successful in their jobs.

Engage Employees During Downtime

Use your seasonal downtime efficiently by offering the AmericanHort Greenhouse Certification to your high-potential employees. It’s a win-win: you’ll increase employee knowledge and performance for higher productivity, while encouraging your most dedicated employees to sharpen their skills for continuous improvement.

Continuous Learning for Continual Growth

Maintaining certification is easy. Employees complete two continuing education units annually to maintain Greenhouse Certification status. With dozens of classes offered through Cultivate, AmericanHort online webinars, and other educational programming, your employees will find many opportunities to keep learning and fine-tuning their greenhouse skills.

How Does The AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification Work?

Greenhouse Technician Certification Pricing

Make the most on your training investment, purchase all three modules in a packaged bundle for the greatest savings.
Premium Members

Champ Plan

$639 Three Module Package Price
  • $249 Price per module

Champ Plan

$749 Three Module Package Price
  • $299 Price per module

Champ Plan

$1249 Three Module Package Price
  • $499 Price per module

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Training Modules: Real-World, Expert Guidance

This Certification is built through collaboration with highly-knowledgeable industry leaders. Our Greenhouse Certification Advisory Team represents leaders throughout the industry–small and large greenhouse growers, university extension services, owners and managers–all with hands-on, real-world knowledge of the skills needed to succeed in the green industry.

Two nursery workers looking at plant material photo credit - Zack Bartlett, Focus Film Works

Are you ready to boost your bottom line with knowledgeable, skilled employees?

How Does the AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification Program Benefit You?

Providing the tools to build a stronger workforce

Employees crave job expertise & professional satisfaction.

You covet engaged, knowledgeable, loyal team members.

Employees long to feel valued.

The AmericanHort Greenhouse Certification Program makes it easy to show employees that you value their contributions and champion their success. Give them with an easy-to-use, industry-specific training program that provides the skills and knowledge they need to perform confidently in their daily jobs. When you offer performance-improving training, your employees will feel engaged and valued as integral parts of the company. After all, your employees are the heart, soul, muscle, and brains behind your company—and their skills and job satisfaction directly impact your bottom line.

Boost Employee Efficiency and Engagement—and Improve Retention.

Certification helps your employees feel confident and competent to perform their job well. Not only does your investment in training increase productivity and job understanding, but your employees feel valued—because you invested in them. Engaged employees take pride in growing the company—and want to grow with the company—for future success.

Attract Top Employees—and Help Them Thrive—with Upskilling

Make onboarding new employees easy with the AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification Program. Reduce costly turnover by creating a nurturing environment where employees feel valued, supported, and encouraged to improve their skills. Enhance performance by giving employees the knowledge to understand the specific aspects of their jobs—and why standard operating procedures matter.

“Employee onboarding is always time consuming—and expensive, especially when employees don’t have a horticulture background. The AmericanHort Greenhouse Technician Certification Program provides an excellent way to get employees up-to-speed quickly. This easy-to-use program makes it simple for us to invest in our employees’ training and development, which ultimately helps us operate better.”

-Jane Jones, Human Resources Manager, Jones Horticulture