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Upcoming Workshops & Webinars

AmericanHort Mastery Series E-Commerce

Mastery Series - E-Commerce Class - Online Marketing Quick-Start

February 17, 2-3:30 PM, ET Registration: $99 member/$199 non-member

After this workshop, participants will be ready to start marketing their e-commerce solutions with clear, compelling language and visuals that excite their customers and communicate offerings and processes. Hear real-world examples and work with fellow green-industry business owners to develop your plan of attack. We’ll cover website language to close the sale, using social media effectively with limited time and money, and email marketing made simple. Leave this third and final session with your marketing road map and start creating simple marketing assets so they’re ready and waiting to quickly finalize with changes and updates during the season.

Bees, Pesticides and Politics: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Landscapes

Friday, February 12, 1:00 p.m. Eastern
This talk with the esteemed Dr. Dan Potter will help attendees better understand why bees and other pollinators are in peril, the role of insecticides and other factors in pollinator decline, and how land care professionals and gardeners can safeguard pollinators when managing pests of lawns and landscapes. Pollinator conservation initiatives that can benefit growers, garden centers, and land care professionals will be discussed, as well as best woody plants supporting bees and other pollinators.
Dr. Daniel Potter is Professor of Entomology at the University of Kentucky. His research has informed strategies integrated pest and pollinator management for 42 years. He is an award-winning teacher and a frequent invited speaker at conferences around the world. Dan has received national legacy contribution awards from the Professional Land Care Network, the American Nursery and Landscape Association, and the U.S. Golf Association.
Close up of annuals in a greenhouse

On-Demand Education
Pricing to Win Series

February 19 - May 1

Pricing products and determining profit margins continues to be a topic of much conversation throughout the green industry. In this series, our speakers will address eco-labeling, supply pricing dynamics, and consumer willingness-to-pay to better help you determine your business’s pricing strategies. HRI has proudly supported some of the research presented, both directly and indirectly. 

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greenhouse webinar series

On-Demand Education
Greenhouse Current Issues & Best Practices Series

February 19 - May 1

Spring challenges abound for greenhouse growers – houses chock-full, weather delays, and tricky crops. But help is at hand with these three timely and terrific sessions from Cultivate’20 Virtual. Don’t miss the opportunity to view these best practices in sanitation, minimizing risk, holding crops, and more.

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tHRIve Web Series

Plant Benefits or Features
Which Cue is More Effective?

April 15 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Better understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and trends is a key HRI research priority. In 2020, Dr. Bridget Behe built upon her previous research that showed younger customers were more likely to purchase a branded plant – even when identical to a non-branded plant – and that consumers in general want more information on signs because Read More »

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Suzi McCoy and Katie Dubow portrait

Women In Horticulture
May Interview

May 27 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us to learn how Suzi McCoy founded her public relations company in the late 1980’s, and how the company, Garden Media Group, a top 10 PR firm in the Philadelphia area, is under new ownership three decades later. Taking the reins last year, daughter Katie Dubow continues to fulfill their mission of working with Read More »

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Regularly scheduled programming does not always work in our industry. And that’s ok, because AmericanHort offers lots of opportunities to learn on your own time.

opens in a new windowThe AmericanHort Knowledge Center – houses a wealth of information online to help you find answers to your questions. These are resources only available to AmericanHort members and can be found at AmericanHort.org/Knowledge.

opens in a new windowConnect Archives – access past issues of the print version of Connect, the AmericanHort newsletter to learn more about our latest educational offerings and more.  Connect print and e-news versions are available to AmericanHort members.

Coronavirus Resource Center – The AmericanHort Coronavirus Resource Center contains a wealth of information on the latest government resources, links to information from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) and other experts, tips on communication and business practices to help you and your business navigate this pandemic period.

Industry Insider Reports  – whether provided by video or written communication, the AmericanHort Industry Insider Report is a tool designed to provide the important industry benchmarking information you need to maximize your business’s profitability.

Nursery Stock Standards – the AmericanHort Standard for Nursery Stock, Z-60.1 is to provide buyers and sellers of nursery stock with a common terminology in order to facilitate transactions involving nursery stock.

Webinars & Online Classes – AmericanHort’s webinars and online courses let you learn from the comfort of your home or office.  These programs are designed to provide you the best practice knowledge needed to deal with today’s business dynamics. Recordings of webinars are available through our online Knowledge Center, a member-only resource.

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