2023 Farm Bill

AmericanHort Advocacy Positions & Priorities

The Farm Bill is a significant piece of legislation affecting growers nationwide. It’s important for the green industry to be supported by strong farm programs as we face weather disasters, high supply costs, and inflationary pressures.

The Farm Bill process provides the horticultural industry with an opportunity to advocate for assistance in combating the challenges we face today and those we will most certainly face in the future.  It is up to each one of us in our industry to engage with our members of Congress from both rural and urban districts, too, who may not understand how farm bill programs impact our industry and provide invaluable resources that allow us to continue producing what we do for consumers and markets. Below you will find a set of one-pagers including a list of AmericanHort’s Farm Bill priorities to use when discussing the importance and need for our industry when it comes to the workforce, research, safety net, and pests and disease.

Workforce Solutions

Research & Innovation

Pest & Disease Management & Disaster Prevention

Safety Net Programs for Horticulture