Horticultural policy & Advocacy Services

Premium members can tap into JPH Law & take advantage of a nationally recognized policy and advocacy firm.

Knowing the right people and having access to compliance information and insights you can trust is crucial when it comes to performing at your highest level. At AmericanHort, we specialize in connecting you to the mentors, leaders, and knowledgeable resources you need to perform better, grow faster and prepare your business for the future.

JPH Law partners with AmericanHort

AmericanHort is proud to partner with the Washington DC law firm of JPH Law (formerly CJ Lake), a highly respected policy and advocacy firm that is nationally recognized for its expertise and accomplishments in agricultural and horticultural employment law. As an AmericanHort premium member you have access to this knowledge.

AmericanHort Premium members are eligible to receive initial legal opinions and compliance advice by phone or email, free of charge. If you desire more detailed legal assistance, AmericanHort members may elect to engage JPH Law at a preferred client rate. Not a premium member? Contact us about upgrading your membership.

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To learn more about how to connect with the JPH Law (formerly CJ Lake) team of experts, please contact AmericanHort at 614-487-1117, or email us at MemberServices@AmericanHort.org.