Advocacy for the
Horticulture Industry

Our industry is made up of dynamic corporations and family-owned businesses, many of which are in their third or even fifth generation of family management. Collectively, we hold over 2.32 million full- and part-time jobs and contribute $348 billion annually to the U.S. economy. That is big business, and it is clear that we are stronger together.

Our products and services add to property values, contribute to the environment, and enhance health and well-being. But our nation’s policies have the potential to either help or hinder our member businesses’ ability to perform better, grow faster, and prepare for the future. While you run your business, our professional horticulture advocacy team represents your interests before policymakers and officials in Washington, D.C.


We focus on policy, not politics. We seek policies that advance our industry, not necessarily the standing or fortunes of any political party.

The AmericanHort Advocacy Team keeps track of numerous key issue and policies that impact the green industry, such as:

Business Practices, Regulation, & Compliance

AmericanHort has a long history of involvement in federal policy debates with an eye toward ensuring members’ business profitability and growth. Learn More

Sustainable Management Technologies & Practices

Plants and managed landscapes deliver benefits to local economies as well as human health and well-being. Learn More

Research & Innovation

Research is often key to resolving challenges that have regulatory or other implications, and support for ample research funding is an integral component of our advocacy efforts. Learn More

Ensuring An adequate workforce

While industry employers are eager to hire every willing and able American that applies, for years, agricultural/horticultural employers have struggled to meet workforce needs solely from the domestic labor pool. Learn More

for members

From immigration enforcement to interstate tax compliance, keeping abreast of the latest developments in law and regulation is a full-time job. Fortunately, AmericanHort publishes legal guidance on the most pressing issues of the day for members.

See some hot topics and read more on our policy guidance exclusively for our members.

industry partnerships


AmericanHort is proud to partner with the Washington DC law firm of JPH Law a highly respected policy and advocacy firm that is nationally recognized for its expertise and accomplishments in agricultural and horticultural employment law. As an AmericanHort premium member you have access to this knowledge.

AmericanHort has an agreement with K·Coe Isom, LLP, the nation’s leading food and agriculture consulting and accounting firm to provide a variety of business services to AmericanHort members.

Get Involved

Our work is diverse and recognizes the importance of every step in the advocacy process. But the most important tools for our success are the relationships our members build with their elected representatives.

Find resources to host a field tour, get information on the bills we’re tracking, and take action with AmericanHort’s MemberVoice platform. We provide all the tools you need to be successful in your outreach. 


The AmericanHort Political Action Committee (PlantPAC) enables leaders in the horticulture community to help elect and re-elect legislators who champion policies that support our industry. With your support, a successful PlantPAC gives our industry a strong voice and is a key part of the success of the AmericanHort horticulture advocacy program.