AmericanHort Community connectors

Community connectors are the passionate representatives from the key industry segments that make up the green industry. They donate time, talent, and ideas to AmericanHort to help inform and guide everything we do so that we can best serve your evolving needs.
Community Connector groups meet monthly or quarterly to discuss key projects through in person meetings, conference calls, emails and other modes of communication this group provides insight and inspiration into addressing the needs of members. They are a sounding board for new ideas, help ensure relevancy in our offerings, serve as evangelists for our initiatives, and are valuable assets in connecting members and the association.

If you are interested in becoming involved and would like to be considered for one of these groups, please submit an application form.

Garden Retail Community

  • Tammy Behm, Maypop, Community Coordinator
  • Bridget Behe, PhD, Michigan State University Department of Horticulture
  • Bob Berbee, Dutch Mill Greenhouse and Leo Berbee Bulb Co.
  • Cyndee Carvalho, Alden Lane Nursery
  • Sonya Harrison, My Secret Garden
  • Will Heeman, Heeman Greenhouses
  • Jessie Jacobson, Tonkadale Greenhouses
  • Liz Lark-Riley, Rockledge Gardens
  • Ryan Watkins, Brownswood Nursery
  • Stephanie Whitehouse, Dümmen Orange
  • Gerry Docksteader, Advanced Horticultural Solutions, Board Liaison
  • Meagan Nace, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison

Generation Next Community

  • Daniel Greenwell, Piedmont Technical College, Community Coordinator
  • Jacob Carson, Bowery Farming
  • Chris Cerveny, RoBotany, Ltd.
  • Jennifer Dyer, MasterTag
  • Annie Glaser, Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse Co.
  • Cara Goch, Gardyn
  • Melinda Knuth, North Carolina State University
  • Thomas Minter, Loma Visa Nursery Inc
  • Jennifer Moss, Moss Greenhouses
  • Lindsay Squires, Tagawa Gardens
  • Rob Lando, AgriNomix, Board Liaison
  • Jon Reelhorn, Belmont Nursery, Board Liaison
  • Mary Beth Cowardin, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison

Greenhouse Community

  • Matt Foertmeyer, Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse, Community Connector
  • Bob Dickman, Dickman Farms LLC
  • Denise Godfrey, Olive Hill Greenhouses
  • Broch Martindale, Corteva AgriScience
  • Susie Raker-Zimmerman, Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants
  • Nathan Sell, Dümmen Orange
  • Jason Twaddell, Ball FloraPlant
  • Mary Werth, Suburban Lawn & Garden Inc.
  • Paul Westervelt, Saunders Brothers Inc
  • Mike Gooder, Plantpeddler Inc – Board Liaison
  • Amy Morris, N.G. Heimos Greenhouses, Board Liaison
  • Meagan Nace, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison

Interior Plantscape Community

  • Genevieve Reiner-Mills, Oakland Interiorscapes, Community Coordinator
  • Barbara Arnold, Franklin Park Conservatory
  • Peter Herrera, No Sweat! Waterproof Liners
  • Anna Johnston, Tri-State Foliage Inc
  • Eric McKie, Green Oak Garden Center LLC
  • Nathan Parker, Parker Interior Plantscape Inc.
  • Jessica Pinette, Plantasia Interiors Inc.
  • Jennifer Ricciardi, Interior Garden Services
  • Nicolas Rousseau, ByNature
  • Molly Turpin, Growing Green Inc.
  • Meagan Nace, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison
  • Amanda Holton, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison

Landscape Community

  • Jeff Gibson, Ball Horticultural Company, Community Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Bonadonna, Busy Beaver Lawn and Garden Inc.
  • Joe Burns, Color Burst
  • Kent Fullmer, Fullmer’s Landscaping Inc
  • Carrie Hancock – Ball Horticultural Company
  • Matt Hunter, New Garden Landscape and Nursery
  • Ben Huntington, Pleasant View Gardens Inc
  • David McKinney, The Iowa Arboretum & Gardens
  • Jeremy Schultz, LandscapeHub
  • Lyndsi Oestmann, Loma Vista Nursery Inc, Board Liaison
  • Tom Hughes, Hughes Nursery & Landscaping LLC, Board Liaison
  • Joe Hobson, Midwest Trading Horticultural Supplies, Board Liaison
  • Amy Ballard, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison
  • Katie Gustafson, AmericanHort, Staff Liaison

Nursery Community

  • Jake Pierson, Pierson Nurseries Inc, Community Coordinator
  • Carlos Bogran, PhD, OHP Inc
  • Angela Burke, Raemelton Farm LLC
  • Paul Cappiello, Yew Dell Botanical Gardens
  • David Fujino, California Center for Urban Horticulture
  • Bobby Garcia, Greenleaf Nursery Co
  • Colin Jones, Manor View Farm Inc
  • Scott Klittich, Otto & Sons Nursery
  • Art Parkerson, Lancaster Farms Inc
  • Jon Russell, Monrovia
  • Matt Steinkopf, Willoway Nurseries Inc
  • John Terhesh, Goodmark Nurseries LLC
  • Harvey Cotten, Board Liaison
  • Jennifer Gray , AmericanHort, Staff Liaison