AmericanHort Alex Laurie Award

AmericanHort Alex Laurie Award

Criteria for Consideration

The Alex Laurie Award is presented to the author(s) of the most significant applied floriculture research paper published in any of the three refereed American Society for Horticultural Science publications during a calendar year. This award was established in honor of the late Alex Laurie (1892-1982), renowned floriculture teacher and researcher at The Ohio State University and a founder of the Ohio Florists’ Association.


  • Cash prize (funded by the annual budget).
  • Recognition annually at Cultivate with a plaque (usually presented at the Town Hall meeting).
  • Permanent listing on the website.
  • Name badge ribbon provided to wear at AmericanHort events.

Procedures for Nomination

  • Staff identifies all the floriculture top 10 manuscripts to be reviewed by a staff-appointed jury of peers (note: the selection of the top 10 papers is done by the review jury as part of the scoring process).
  • Award jury reviews the manuscripts and chooses the top one by a scoring system.
  • Manuscripts reviewed can be about crop production, environmental, and cultural related work, marketing research, post-production work, disease and insect management, automation, etc.
Year Authors
1989 Karlsson, M.G., R.D. Heins, and J.E. Erwin
1990 Milks, R., W.C. Fonteno, and R.A. Larson
1991 Fonteno, W.C. and P.V. Nelson
1992 Carpenter, W.J. and J.F. Boucher
1993 Evans, M.R., W.P. Hackett, and H.F. Wilkins
1994 Yelanich, M.V. and J.A. Biernbaum
1995 Serek, M., E.C. Sisler, and M.S. Reid
1996 Argo, W.R., and J.A. Biernbaum
1997 Williams, K.A., and P.V. Nelson
1998 Grassini, R., D.S. Walters, J. Harmon, D.J. Hesk, D.L. Cox-Foster, J.I. Medford, R. Craig, and R Mumma
1999 McAvoy, R.J. and B. B. Bible
2000 Jones, M.L. and W.R. Woodson
2001 Williams, K.A., P.V. Nelson, and D. Hesterberg
2002 Albano, J.P. and W.B. Miller
2003 Bishko, A.J., P.R. Fisher, and W.R. Argo
2004 Bishko, A.J., P.R. Fisher, and W.R. Argo
2005 Faust E.J., and L.W. Grimes
2006 Moccaldi (Pramuk) L.A. and E.S. Runkle
2007 Joseph P. Albano, Donald J. Merhaut, Eugene K. Blythe, and Julie P. Newman
2008 Janni Bjerregaard Lund, Theo J. Blom, and Jesper Mazanti Aaslyng
2009 Matthew D. Taylor, Paul V. Nelson, Jonathan M.Frantz
2010 Brian A. Krug, Brian E. Whipker, Jonathan Frantz, and Ingram McCall
2011 Michael R. Evans, Matt Taylor, and Jeff Kuehny
2012 Matthew G. Blanchard and Erik S. Runkle
2013 Diane M. Camberato, Roberto G. Lopez, and Brian A. Krug
2014 Heidi Marie Wollaeger and Erik S. Runkle
2015 Andrew K. Koeser, Sarah T. Lovell, Aaron C. Petri, Robin G. Brumfield, and J. Ryan Stewart