Retail isn’t changing.

It HAS changed. By the time you realize it the change is over.

Are you positioned to deliver consumers’ changing expectations? Consider what has happened recently and what it means to you as a retailer:
  • Amazon suggests products they THINK the customer will order, before customers even think about it.
  • What can’t you buy with your phone?
  • Online plant sales are skyrocketing at wholesale and retail; you probably don’t even know it yet.

What are you going to do?

The graveyard of defunct businesses continues to expand. In it are thousands of chain store locations, and even more independent, locally-owned small businesses, including dozens of garden centers. The strong survive. The smart thrive.

Your path to thriving

When you don't know where you're going any path will get you there. New Vision Forum is time to focus ON your business. You’ll leave with a well-defined destination and the path to get you there.

What you will NOT find at New Vision Forum

No lectures.
We will set the scene with our views and perspectives and then apply the power of people – as the group will develop those ideas to create strategies to carry your business forward.

No trade press. Everything is confidential. It will be just John and Sid and a small group of passionate, but non-competing, garden center retailers.

Who will be there?

Garden center retailers. These will not necessarily be the biggest companies, nor the most famous. But they will be passionate, open, and honest. We want you to be there with us, along with your most trusted, forward-thinking team member. A team approach to your business’ future will expedite progress, help with staff buy-in, and strengthen your management team.

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