Our Reputation and Focus

Our Reputation & Focus

Our credibility and integrity mean everything. 

We have a lot to say and do. Our industry creates jobs and careers, it supports local economies and communities. Our products and services add to property values, contribute to the environment, and enhance peoples’ health and well-being. 

We take the long view – long-term business sustainability is as important as near-term profit. We choose our battles – we focus on issues that are highly important and relevant to horticulture businesses, and on which our association has the capacity to make a difference. 

We collaborate and cooperate with like-minded interests beyond our own industry to advance our goals. 

We focus on policy, not politics. We seek policies that advance our industry, not necessarily the standing or fortunes of any political party. 

We seek the common good. The success of the business sectors in our industry is intertwined, and we seek policies that advance the horticulture industry as a whole. When we say “horticulture,” plants are our common thread. This means trees, shrubs, edibles, and plants of all types that start and grow in nurseries and greenhouses and are used in exterior and interior landscapes, habitat restorations, orchards and farms, and home gardens. 


Key Issues and Priorities

Ensuring an Adequate Workforce

Many industry businesses, especially growing and landscape operations, are struggling to find the labor they need to sustain and expand their business. AmericanHort is well positioned to lead on these issues. We co-chair the Agriculture Coalition for Immigrant Reform and the H-2B Workforce Coalition. We also chair the National Immigration Forum Action Fund board. Learn more.

Business Practices, Regulation, and Compliance

AmericanHort has a long history of involvement in federal policy debates with an eye toward ensuring members business profitability and growth. Human resources, tax reform, and other small business issues affect all AmericanHort members, so our approach is to engage on issues that present special challenges (or opportunities) for our members based on the nature of our industry. Learn more.

Critical Tools and Inputs

Plant production and successful landscapes require key inputs like water, nutrients, and pest management tools. Federal laws govern pesticide registration and use, and set the basic framework for water quality and nutrient management. AmericanHort is actively involved in federal policy debates so that our members have the tools needed to produce and manage plants and landscapes. Learn more.


Plant Health and the Horticultural Marketplace

The industry faces complex challenges in this area, since we are producing and shipping thousands of species and varieties of plants across state and national borders. At the same time, new exotic invasive pests and disease often have negative consequences in the plant marketplace. AmericanHort is working to create a new approach for certifying and expediting the entry process for plant cuttings. Learn more.

Research Means Solutions

Because research is often key to resolving challenges that have regulatory or other implications, research funding is an integral part of our advocacy efforts. Beyond the Horticultural Research Institute's own direct research funding, most activity centers on the Floriculture and Nursery Research Initiative and Farm Bill-funded research programs. Learn more.