Pesticide Recertification Credits

Need Pesticide Recertification Credits? We've got 'em. Continuing education credits for pesticide applicator license holders for the GrowPro Series: Greenhouse Solutions Conference were requested from and approved by the following states. Each state varies by sessions approved and credits issued.
New York
North Carolina
South Carolina

West Virginia

How The Pesticide Recertification Program at the GrowPro Series: Greenhouse Solutions Conference Works
  1. Obtain and complete recertification form

    As you enter the educational session (you must be on time) obtain an Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) Pesticide Recertification Form from the room monitor or handout table. This form must be completed for each pesticide certification session you attend. Note: All attendees requesting recertification credits must complete this form, even if you are not seeking credits from the state of Ohio.

  2. Obtain session code

    At the end of the session the Session Code will be announced. This code must be written on the ODA form, near the bottom under the Session Codes area.

  3. Return completed form and get certificate

    At the completion of the session return your completed ODA Pesticide Recertification Form to a room monitor and present a valid ID (ie drivers license). You will receive a Certificate of Attendance to retain for your records. Attendees from self-reporting states should submit the Certificate of Attendance to their state's licensing agency.


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