AmericanHort Expects to Announce New CEO by Cultivate'16

The search for a new AmericanHort CEO is progressing successfully. With the help of AmericanHort member company, Key Corporate Services as the search firm, the search committee is optimistic that the right fit for both association and industry will be announced prior to Cultivate’16.
Susie Raker, Chair of the search committee comprised of representatives from across the industry, says, “The Search Committee has worked very hard in conjunction with our search firm to determine ideal characteristics for a new CEO. Key Corporate Services has done a fantastic job finding valid candidates that fit the profile developed by the Search Committee. We are actively interviewing candidates and moving through the process. I’m confident we will have our new CEO by July.”  >>Learn more



Introducing The New Now at Cultivate'16

Polaroids and pay phones. Snail mail and silent films. Cursive writing and cassette tapes. Some things just don't stick around. Horticulture isn't one of them.

The face of horticulture and the definition of “gardening” are vastly different than what they used to be. Consumers are redefining the relevance of plants and what it means to “go green.” They’re “biophiliacs” instead of gardeners. They’re urban Millennials and downsizing Baby Boomers. They’re hipsters, yupsters, independents, and renegades. And as technology, schedules, and lives get more complex, the importance of outdoor spaces seems to grow larger.

While we might have changed our game and shifted our strategies, our roots are grounded in what makes the industry strong - dedication, perspiration, ingenuity, creativity, and beauty.

This is "The New Now": same values, different strategies. Discover your role in the New Now at Cultivate'16. >>Learn more.



Purchase An Introduction to SHIFT, a downloadable PDF

AmericanHort, along with its research affiliate the Horticultural Research Institute, introduces SHIFT: An AmericanHort initiative. This innovative research project takes a hard look at the future of the industry. SHIFT is about how the collective industry can rise to the challenge of meeting modern and future consumers’ expectations. This research demands a shift in strategies, thinking, and paradigms. It forces us to think and to ask ourselves, “What if we started doing things differently?” With nearly 30 insights and recommendations, the inspiration and strategies are at our fingertips to take action for a successful future. >>Learn more.
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AmericanHort and Other Founding Partners Launch the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

On June 3, the National Pollinator Garden Network (NPGN), an unprecedented collaboration of national, regional, conservation and gardening groups, launched the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. This is a strategic effort to promote and protect the needs of pollinators in North America. >> Learn more.